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Adnan Zai Explains the Necessity of Raising the Debt Ceiling

Beachwood, Ohio Adnan Zai, Advisor to Berkeley Capital Beachwood, understands the importance of good financial management, and has been watching the debt ceiling negotiations with keen interest. He recently took some time to talk to us about the impending deadline that has Democrats and Republicans scrambling for an agreement. Kraven:

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A Cloudy Economic Picture

Although inflation has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind lately as the price at the pump has blossomed astronomically and everything from chicken legs to lumber has spiked in price, it’s the Stock Market that has created some bad news in the first quarter of 2022. The Stock Market

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U.S. Inflation Response Lags

With inflation topping nearly 8% around the world, global citizens continue to reel from the effects of the pandemic, the supply chain woes, and rising prices. Nowhere is the price increase felt more acutely than at the gas pump. But while the European countries have developed specific plans to bolster

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