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Property Boom and Economic Bust

There is nothing more American than apple pie, baseball, and the dream of buying a new home. For many years, however, this dream of becoming a homeowner has been just out of reach for many citizens. Recently, the dream has become more attainable, and both buying and selling homes has

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The Real Recession is Just Starting

We are in a time of extraordinary uncertainty and turmoil which, as we have seen before, the markets don’t like. There are a lot of numbers and figures floating around, particularly those relating to stock market performance, which provide a false picture of how the economy is performing right now. 

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Value of U.S. Commercial Property Slashed

The economic impact of Coronavirus is being felt all over the world in all industries. There’s an inevitable economic recession in the cards, and several industries are already beginning to indicate the signs. The United States is no different, and the U.S. commercial-backed securities market, in particular, is taking a

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