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Soccer Great Lands on His Feet

Doing what no man has ever done, Cristiano Ronaldo has recently joined Al-Nassr, Saudi Arabia’s football team. Upon his signing, the club’s presence on social media skyrocketed, as did Ronaldo’s bank account when he became the most highly paid sports player in the world. Fans around the world are watching

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Noma: The End of an Era

Tucked into Copenhagen since 2003, Noma has been a go-to destination known around the globe for its fine dining. But more and more stories are coming to light about the sheer volume of work that immigrants and interns are doing to keep the restaurant afloat, as well as the toll

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Adnan Zai

Women Should Keep their Hammers

Although it seems that in 2022, the glass ceiling should have been clearly shattered by now, women should keep their hammers to keep battering away at the old regime. Although we are living in modern times, there is still a large disconnect between the venture capital funding that female-led companies

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Where Have All the Jobs Gone?

For months the U.S. has heard about the fantastic labor market, where new hires were getting huge salaries and a wide variety of perks. But in the last few months, the job market has cooled, almost imperceptibly, leaving young people with job offers that companies are rescinding. The job market

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A Cloudy Economic Picture

Although inflation has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind lately as the price at the pump has blossomed astronomically and everything from chicken legs to lumber has spiked in price, it’s the Stock Market that has created some bad news in the first quarter of 2022. The Stock Market

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U.S. Inflation Response Lags

With inflation topping nearly 8% around the world, global citizens continue to reel from the effects of the pandemic, the supply chain woes, and rising prices. Nowhere is the price increase felt more acutely than at the gas pump. But while the European countries have developed specific plans to bolster

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