Category: US Economy

Dire Economic Forecast

Just when Americans thought we were out of the woods after two years of pandemic fallout, economists are warning that a major recession is on its way. With the supply chain still broken and exacerbated by Russia’s war on Ukraine, economic experts are warning that 2022 will bring a recession.

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Used Cars Still at a Premium

Throughout the two-year battle with the pandemic, prices of goods and services have increased astronomically, and the rising inflation around the globe is truly no secret. Automobiles have fueled the inflation increase, and the price of cars themselves has also risen significantly in the last two years. Although the future

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Filling the Empty Offices

  With the trend toward remote working, office buildings have been left behind while their workers stay home, like dinosaurs rising out of the mist. And with so much of the country still locked in a debate about when and if workers might return to business as usual, the question

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