Entrepreneur First: Spotlighting GlobalMac IT

In this day and age of industry verticals and the ever need of being dynamic even within your space, none is more obvious than the IT business within small to mid-size operations. When speaking to any small-mid size CEO or executive about how they look at technology, it is usually in their top 10 important tasks/functions that also includes biz development (usually top of their list), operations, advertising, accounting etc….IT almost always comes well after all of those. 

Most, simply look at IT as access to internet, website, email and cyber security at best. Given the world we live between social media for not just personal but more so for business of late, it is shocking to see that few small companies actually include IT in their top 3!

GlobalMac IT is one of the few entrepreneurial boutique shops that saw the huge vacuum developing almost 10 years ago and made a bold decision to perfect that niche. Starting out as a typical “one man” operation, CEO Tom Lambotte quickly realized that by providing value add services that not just addressed the everyday IT solutions (which everybody and their uncle did), but to help the client build their business and become market leaders in their field.

After much thought and deliberate analysis of trends, he focused on the legal profession specifically small law firms that lacked the wherewithal and financial bandwidth to bring on internally what GlobalMac IT was offering as an outsourced solution.  It became a niche of a niche, and quickly their business model grew at a ridiculous pace. More and more law firms sought their services because at the end of the day, they saw them as their much needed TOTAL technology solution that enhanced their businessmade them more efficient and above all: allowed them to compete against the bigger firms thus driving revenue. 

GlobalMac IT now was a lot more than just an “IT company” and now a key everyday component that the clients could not live without. The reason for their success is very simple: Having an entrepreneurial mindset. If it is one thing that we should all take away from what Tom Lambotte did, is that regardless of your industry, think as an entrepreneur first in order to make your passion or talent thrive.

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